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Victim Notification
Victims of Current Cases

If you are listed as a victim in a case that is currently pending and would like to receive notifications about the case, please call the Victim Services Division at 602-506-8522.

Post-Conviction Notification 

After a defendant is convicted of their crime, a Post-Conviction Notification Form will be mailed to you. Arizona law requires you to opt-in to receive these notifications. Learn more about the process and how to participate by watching the Victim’s Rights Post Conviction video.

Lifetime Injunction in a Criminal Case

Effective September 24, 2022, pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-719(A), a victim of a qualifying offense may, at the time of sentencing, request a lifetime injunction against a defendant convicted of a qualifying offense. A qualifying offense includes any felony offense, completed or preparatory, which is a dangerous offense as defined in A.R.S. § 13-105, a serious offense or a violent or aggravated felony as defined in A.R.S. § 13-706, or in title 13, chapters 14 or 35.1.

Early Disposition Court (EDC)/ Regional Court Center (RCC)

The Regional Court Center (RCC) has merged with the Early Disposition Court (EDC). Cases heard in the EDC resolve quickly in an effort to expedite a resolution. During this process, Status Conferences are scheduled a few days in advance of the Preliminary Hearing to facilitate communication between the parties and provide an opportunity for plea agreement negotiations. Under Arizona law, victims are entitled to confer with the prosecution regarding a plea agreement upon request. Arizona laws surrounding Victim Rights

Restitution is also considered at this time. When a defendant pleads or is found guilty of a crime, victims are entitled to restitution for the actual damages caused during the commission of a crime. A victim requesting restitution should gather supporting documentation of losses sustained from the crime and submit these documents to the Victim Services Division. Download the Restitution Request Form (PDF)