Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Advisory Boards

When County Attorney Adel was appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Ms. Adel commissioned a transition team to examine the workings of the County Attorney’s Office and to provide operational recommendations and other changes. The Transition Team Subcommittee on Community Advisory Boards recommended that the County Attorney create a Business Advisory Council and a Community Advisory Board to serve as a mechanism to inform, connect, and receive feedback from the community at-large.

Business Advisory Council
The Business Advisory Council is made up prominent business leaders throughout Maricopa County, representing Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, utilities, restaurants, and local chambers of commerce. The Business Advisory Council meets quarterly and provides the County Attorney feedback on how to work together to help keep Maricopa County a safe and prosperous region.

Community Advisory Board
The Community Advisory Board is made of up local non-profit, faith-based, and community leaders representing communities of color, LGBTQ+, faith communities, higher education, and community investment and revitalization. The Board meets quarterly to provide the County Attorney feedback from each community represented about office policy, criminal justice reform, community interaction and education, and other topics.