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This dashboard of criminal cases is another aspect of Maricopa County’s commitment to sharing information more efficiently and effectively. The data contained in the dashboard is based on the annual Referrals and will change throughout time to match the life cycle of the case. Other visuals are page-specific (see “Table of Contents”).

When will this data be updated

The dashboard currently updates weekly. Therefore, the information is never more than 7 days old.

Ethnicity and Gender

Ethnicity and gender data is collected and submitted by law enforcement. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office does not collect this information.

Offense Types

The case “Offense types” as displayed on the division pages are internal case categories utilized by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. These types are based on the Arizona revised statute (ARS). The ARS Chapter is the high-level charge category (example Drug violation) and the ARS Charge is the more specific charge (example, Possession of Marijuana).

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The dashboard is interactive, meaning you can reveal additional information by hovering and clicking. When you hover over an element of a visual, a pop-up will reveal additional information related to that element. When you click an element, the entire page will filter according to that element. To filter by multiple elements, use Ctrl + Click.

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Hovering over 2019 Not Filed

Data Dashboard Directions Image 1 Hover

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Click on Drug Offenses

Data Dashboard Directions Image 2 Click

OR Click the legend (i.e. Not Filed)

Data Dashboard Directions Image 3 Click the legend to filter

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Filtering by Not Filed & Drug Offenses (Click + CTRL Click)

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Right-Click Bar Chart & Drill Down (Or Drill up)

Data Dashboard Directions Image 5 Right-Click Drill Down

Data Dashboard Directions Image 6 Right-Click and Drill Up

OR Drill Down/Up by clicking on “go to the next level in the hierarchy” 

Data Dashboard Directions Image 7 next level in the hierarchy

Data Dashboard Directions Image 8 previous level in the hierarchy

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Click focus mode to enlarge visualization

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Right-click Outside the bar chart & Show data to view dataset

Data Dashboard Directions Image 10 SHOW DATA AS A TABLE


Right-click pie chart & Show data point as a table to view data point

Data Dashboard Directions Image 11 SHOW DATA POINT AS A TABLE


Click Middle of 1 of 5 to navigate between pages

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Charging Decision/Filed Case Disposition Glossary⇪ Back to top

File- A case where the prosecutor found sufficient evidence to file one or more charges with the Court.

Furthered- A referral where the prosecutor is asking the referring law enforcement agency for additional information before a filing decision can be made.

Not file- A referral where the prosecutor does not find sufficient evidence to file a case or the case is recommended to be referred to the City Prosecutor.

Pre-file- When the prosecutor refers the suspect to a pre-filed Diversion program based on certain criteria previously established by MCAO. If the suspect completes the program, the referral is not filed. If the suspect does not accept or complete the program, the referral is filed.

Pending(Referrals)- A referral that is still being reviewed by the Prosecutor and no filing decision has been made.

Dismissed- A filed case where the court grants a dismissal based on the prosecutor or defense motion for various reasons.

Guilty- A case where the judge or a jury finds the defendant guilty of at least one charge.

Not Guilty- A case where the judge or a jury finds the defendant not guilty of all charges.

Pled- A filed case where a plea agreement is approved by both the prosecutor and defense during the trial process.

Pled at Prelim- A filed case where a plea agreement is approved by both prosecutor and defense at the prelim stage before arraignment.

Pending(Disposed)- A filed case that is still in negotiations or in the trial process with no final resolution.

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Instructions for changing between each of the Data Dashboard content areas.

  1. Referrals
    Cases referred to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office by law enforcement agencies. The referrals in this tab include original and resubmittal cases and are divided into appropriate reviewing decision categories.
  2. Cases Filed
    Cases referred to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office that were filed with the Court. These cases include original and resubmittal decisions of filed along with the cases that were originally categorized as Pre-File Diversion and either did not accept or failed the program.
  3. Cases Disposed
    Cases from the Filed tab and their appropriate final overall case disposition.
  4. Gang Member Referrals
    Cases referred to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office where the suspect is a documented gang member.
  5. Precinct Referrals
    Referrals submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office divided by the referring law enforcement agency. This tab only includes original referrals.

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If you have feedback or questions, use the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Contact Form and reference “MCAO Statistical Reporting Team - Data Dashboard” to be routed appropriately.


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