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  1. Two Girls on Laptops

    What are the risks of livestreaming?

    During the last few months, not only has learning and school work shifted online to livestreaming platforms, but socializing with others has as well. Both of these activities can also expose them to unwanted attention and harm. Read more...
  1. Situational Awareness

    Consider Your Personal Safety this Summer

    Even though the pandemic may be at the forefront of everyone's mind, it's essential not to disregard our personal safety while being out in public. Read more...
  1. MCAO Data Dashboard

    New Dashboard Provides Transparency of Prosecutions in Maricopa County

    The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has created and launched a new data dashboard on its website. Read more...
  1. Man on Phone While Driving

    Avoid Distracted Driving and Get To Your Destination Safely

    While cell phone use may be the most common form of distracted driving, other actions like reaching for objects, talking with a passenger, looking for directions, or switching a song can all create a dangerous situation on the road. Read more...
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