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  1. Child Sex Trafficking Graphic

    Online Exploitation and Human Trafficking

    When the COVID pandemic halted almost every aspect of our life last year, human trafficking became even more prevalent. Traffickers adapted to the quarantine by shifting their focus to target potential victims online. Read more...
  1. Fitness Scam Alert - Weights in a Gym

    Be Smart, Be Aware and Avoid Health Scams!

    Scammers are prepared to take advantage of your New Year's fitness goals for their benefit. See how to make sure product or services are legitimate. Read more...
  1. MCAO Seal

    Charging Decision in Case Against Phoenix Police Officer Steven Poulos

    After a thorough review of the facts and evidence in this case, the MCAO has determined that it cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Poulos’ statements constituted a “true threat” as defined by Arizona Law and the U.S. constitution. Read more...
  1. Man Driving with Cell Phone

    Stay Focused While Driving: Phone Down, Eyes Up

    An estimated 80% of cellphone users check their phones while driving and starting this year, you could get a fine for it in Arizona. Read more...
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