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  1. Avoid Coronavirus Scams

    COVID-19 Scam Awareness

    While most people come together in times of need, some see it as an opportunity to take advantage of others. Read more...
  1. court picture

    Supporting Victims’ Rights during COVID-19 Concerns

    Amid many of the actions MCAO has taken in response to concerns of COVID-19, the work our Victims Services Division has done goes above and beyond. Read more...
  1. County Attorney Allister Adel

    Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel Takes Steps to Reduce Community Spread of COVID-19

    Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel has directed staff to find ways to reduce the number of individuals having to interact with our criminal justice system. Read more...
  1. Header Allister Adel

    Ensuring Justice During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Written in stone across the front of the Maricopa County Superior Courthouse is the statement, “The first duty of society is justice.” And while thousands of people pass under these words every day, few stop to think about... Read more...
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