Victim Services

About Victim Services

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office is firmly committed to honoring and respecting the rights of crime victims as detailed in Section 2.1 of the Arizona State Constitution and crime victim related statutes. We offer a variety of services to ensure that these rights are upheld, including:

  • Victim Notification - Crime victims are entitled, upon request, to receive notice of certain proceedings related to the defendant who committed the crime.
  • Victim Restitution - If you suffered a financial loss as a result of a crime, the defendant can be ordered to reimburse you as part of the sentence imposed by the Court.
  • Victim Compensation - Crime victims may be eligible to receive funds administered by Arizona's Crime Victim Compensation Program to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to a crime.

Arizona law also guarantees victims' rights for businesses and neighborhood associations.

MCAO Victim Service Links

  • Victim Related Information
    Explore our comprehensive repository of victim-related resources, brochures, and forms, categorized for easy access based on different victim activities.
  • Contact Victim Services
    Connect with our dedicated Victim Services team seamlessly using our online contact form, ensuring prompt assistance and support for victims in need.
  • Court Information & Maps
    Access maps and directions to navigate the downtown Phoenix area, including locations of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and Superior Court, ensuring a hassle-free experience for victims and visitors.
  • Domestic Violence
    Explore our comprehensive resources on domestic violence, including information on recognizing the signs, raising awareness, and accessing support services for victims in our community.
  • K9 Victim Support Program
    Learn about our innovative K9 Victim Support Program (VSP), where specially trained facility dogs Elle and Morgan provide comforting support to victims of crime, particularly young victims, throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Programs & Services
    Discover the dedicated services offered by our Victim Services Division, including restitution assistance, court advocacy, and community education presentations, aimed at providing comprehensive support to victims of crime.
  • Victim Resources
    Access a comprehensive list of victim resources, including emergency shelters, legal services, and support hotlines, providing assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, and more.
  • Victim Compensation Board
    Stay informed about the Victim Compensation Board's regular meetings, including meeting times, agendas, and locations, ensuring transparency and providing opportunities for public engagement.

Criminal Trial Process

See an overview of the Adult Criminal Trial Process or the Adult Criminal Trial Flowchart (PDF).

Report a Crime

If you are a victim and need to report a crime, contact the nearest local law enforcement agency.

Are You Interested in Working With Crime Victims?

Internships and volunteer positions are available in the Victim Services Division. Complete and submit the Victim Services Division Intern/Volunteer Application (PDF).

Complaint of Discrimination

In accordance with Federal civil rights law, MCAO Victim Services employees are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age in the delivery of services.

To file a complaint of discrimination, contact either:

Office for Civil Rights
Office of Justice Programs
U.S. Dept. of Justice
810 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20531

Arizona Department of Public Safety
VOCA Administration, MD3915
Civil Rights Coordinator
P.O. Box 6638
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6638