Friday Night Football Patrol 2012 Season

2012 FNFP School Chart
Total Pledges Signed: 4,265

Desert Ridge High School - 08/24/2012

Desert Ridge High School logo

What better way to kick off season #2 of Friday Night Football Patrol? Friday’s game at Desert Ridge was off the hook! The Jaguars rocked the Gilbert Tigers 47-6 in an intense game – congrats team! A HUGE thank you and shout out to Mr. Steinkemper’s StuCo class for helping promote the event during the lunches! In total, 486 teens took the pledge to stay drug and alcohol free. That will be one tough number to top! ABC 15 showed up both during the lunch hour and at the game to broadcast live shots. Way to get recognized DRHS! Cheers to raffle winner DRHS Cheerleader Delaney M. Enjoy your new Rockford Fosgate car stereo system!

Westview High School - 08/31/2012

Westview High School logo

The Westview Knights now have bragging rights in two categories. Not only did they pummel Tolleson 61-3 in their victory on Friday night, but their school is now our TOP PLEDGING SCHOOL in the history of Friday Night Football Patrol. 508 Westview High School students took the pledge to stay drug and alcohol free. Hats off to the champs – that’s amazing!

Congratulations to Saylair G. as she was our Rockford Fosgate car stereo system winner. Also, special shout out to all the members of Mr. Geiger’s Student Council class for helping promote FNFP during their lunches! Thanks for supporting our program!

Will Westview reign over all in pledge count or will another school knock them down to the #2 spot? Check back weekly to find out! 8 more games to go…

Pinnacle High School - 09/07/2012

Pinnacle High School logo

Our third game in the FNFP season looks like we’re starting a trend… Every school we’ve visited so far has won their game. Could the drug-free pledges be bringing in good luck? The Pinnacle Pioneers blew away the Central Bobcats 63-0 in Friday night’s game. Great job Pinnacle! PHS students showed some great school spirit by coordinating a “white out”. The entire student section was full of white. PHS give yourselves a hand – you signed a total of 363 drug-free pledges on Friday night! Cheers to Journey D. in winning the Rockford Fosgate car audio system. Enjoy your new sound!

Gilbert High School - 09/14/2012

Gilbert High School logo

The trend continues with yet another home team taking the win. Congrats to the Gilbert Tigers on their 38 to 35 victory over the Mesquite Wildcats! The team spirit was so infectious that even some of our volunteers caught the bug and adorned themselves in black and yellow body paint. Great job Gilbert High with 289 pledges signed this game. Hats off to Alyssa T. on her win of the Rockford Fosgate prize package!

Red Mountain High School - 09/21/2012

Red Mountain High School logo

Fresh from a victory the previous week, Gilbert High headed to Red Mountain to take on the Mountain Lions. But this trip would prove unsuccessful for the Gilbert Tigers as the tradition of the home team winning when the MCAO is in attendance continues. Great job to the Red Mountain Mountain Lions on their 56-13 victory! Just over 200 teens eagerly signed the Drug-Free Pledge and Alexi P. was the lucky winner of the Rockford Fosgate car audio system…congratulations Alexi!

The Friday Night Football Patrol season is half over, so to all of you who will be at the upcoming games… It’s time to light a fire under your fellow class mates. Get them to come out to the game, have a good time, and pledge to stay drug and alcohol free and to not abuse prescription drugs. You or a friend could be the next big winner!

Ironwood High School - 09/28/2012

Ironwood High School logo

Our Patrol members targeted the crowd at Ironwood High and met with great success. Unfortunately, the Ironwood Eagles were not able to prevail against the Willow Canyon Wildcats on the gridiron, losing the game 14-24 after a second-half rally by the ‘Cats. Despite being cut short by the homecoming half-time show – and being in a low-visibility location – our can-do volunteers were able to collect a whopping 260 pledges. Way to go Ironwood for getting more pledges in half the time than Red Mountain! Congratulations to the winner of the Rockford Fosgate prize package, Megan D., and to all those who pledged to stay drug and alcohol free.

Centennial High School - 10/04/2012

Centennial High School logo

What a game Centennial played on our Thursday Edition of the Friday Night Football Patrol! The Coyotes scored in every quarter while the Deer Valley Skyhawks tried their best to thwart the onslaught, but it was too much to take as the final score tallied up to a 55-0 win by the Coyotes. Centennial’s triumph extended beyond the gridiron as students also broke an FNFP record by signing 527 drug-free pledges! That’s the most received - ever! Big congratulations to our first male winner of season, Brendan D., who went home with the Rockford Fosgate car audio system.

Saint Mary’s High School - 10/12/2012

Saint Mary High School logo

This was a game steeped in decades of rivalry with fans, bands, cheer lines as well as football players locked in battle. Noise was the weapon for all but the football teams whose players landed blow after punishing blow om their opponents. St. Mary’s fought the good fight, but it was Brophy who reigned supreme with a 58-6 victory. With St. Mary’s student population of just over 500, and the typically smaller turnout from the visiting team, the MCAO volunteers went out in force and were able to collect the fourth highest amount of pledges thus far this season with 442 collected. Congratulations to all the students who “took the pledge” to stay drug and alcohol free; to both teams for a great game of football; and to the winner of the Rockford Fosgate audio system Phelicity W. – enjoy your tunes with your new high-quality setup!

Skyline High School - 10/19/2012

Skyline High School logo

Skyline’s 2012 season has had its ups and downs, and Friday’s game may have been a disappointment to the diehard fans and the football team, but you wouldn’t have known it from the cheering coming from the bleachers! And if nothing else, Skyline has CRUSHED the competition when it comes to pledging to be drug and alcohol free! This game produced an astounding 717 signed pledges! Congratulations to Garret G., the winner of the Rockford Fosgate audio system. We hope Garret enjoys show-car quality tunes in his everyday ride!

Though it would be an amazing feat, there’s still one school that could get it beat. Will Willow Canyon rise to the challenge? Tune in next week to see if the mighty 717 can be overtaken!

Willow Canyon High School - 10/26/2012

Willow Canyon High School logo

It was quite a night for Willow Canyon HS and the Friday Night Football Patrol. The Millennium Tigers may have been too much to beat, but the Willow Canyon spirit could not be broken. And with 464 signed pledges to be drug and alcohol free, besting the season average of 427, the WCHS spirit shows! Congratulations to Joanna R. on her win of the Rockford Fosgate car audio package!

Season Recap

We would like to thank all the high schools, their staff and of course their students for making FNFP 2012 a huge success! From program coordinators and coaching staff who helped the County Attorney’s Office at the games, to the students and student council members who assisted with our lunchtime promotions, we want you to know how much we appreciate all your efforts to help pull off these great events!

We would also like to give a shout out to our FNFP 2012 partners, 104.7 KISS FM and Rockford Fosgate. These two organizations understand the importance of keeping our youth off drugs and alcohol.

Big thanks to Steve Moynihan of Clear Channel for putting together a great schedule and getting the word out with targeting advertising. Lucky, the “man in the van,” brought out the thumping sounds of 104.7 KISS FM with the KISS Suburban, and Aaron Taylor did a great job announcing our program (and a couple winners) every halftime! We also have to thank all the KISS volunteers for their camaraderie and for helping us set up camp and corral teens to the pledge booth.

And to Rockford Fosgate, thank you for your support, for putting up the great prize package and for including FNFP on the SoundLab schedule! This year topped last and one big reason we believe is the SoundLab experience. Teens lined up to have a chance to face the 7,500+ watts of the Pressure Chamber and live to tell the tale. It’s local businesses like Rockford Fosgate that help make our community great.

With 4,265 total pledges, this season bested 2011 by 1,062 pledges! More important than the numbers themselves is what they represent: a commitment by thousands of young people to avoid substance abuse and adopt a healthy lifestyle. What a way to end another season of FNFP!