Friday Night Football Patrol 2011 Season

2011 FNFP School Chart
Total Pledges Signed: 3,204

Hamilton High School - 08/26/2011

Hamilton High School logo

This was an awesome start to kick off our Friday Night Football Patrol! Thanks to Hamilton High School for all their support and to the 421 teens that signed up for the Drug-Free Pledge.

Congratulations to Hamilton on their triumph over the Mountain Pointe Pride with a 17 to 7 win.

We also want to congratulate Philip G. on his win of the Apple iPad. With that in mind we also, once again, would like to thank Southwest Gas for donating the iPads to this great cause.

Marcos de Niza High School - 09/02/2011

Marcos De Niza High School logo

September 2nd marked our second game in the Friday Night Football Patrol series. Marcos De Niza High School definitely showed some team spirit with a gold out in the home stands. The school shined even more with their 300 students who signed our Drug-Free Pledge. Way to go Padres!

This week’s iPad winner was Keanna M. Hats off to her!

Chandler High School - 09/09/2011

Chandler High School logo

Chandler High School’s Wolves kicked some major Mesquite Wildcat tail in Friday night’s game on 9/9/11. The final score was 33-0. Great job Wolves! The football game wasn’t the only competition - CHS students rounded up their classmates to sign a total of 365 drug-free pledges for the number 2 spot so far. Can your school beat them? Check out our calendar to see where we’ll be next. Come to the games, sign our drug-free pledge, and get entered to win an iPad. This week’s winner was DeAndra T., a senior at CHS. Kudos to her for taking the pledge and promising to stay drug-free!

Basha High School - 09/15/2011

Basha High School logo

Basha Bears: show some pride! Congratulations on your victory against the Chandler Wolves with your 58-41 win! You are now the TOP school in our race to get the most drug-free pledges signed by students. A whopping 491 signatures now puts Hamilton High into second place. Cheers to Shyanne Y., a BHS freshman, for being our 4th iPad winner!

Special thanks to AJ Jefferson from the AZ Cardinals for making an appearance and signing autographs. We would also like to thank Southwest Gas for showing their support of our program and donating the iPads.

Peoria High School - 09/23/2011

Peoria High School logo

Friday’s game Peoria vs. Glendale was #5 in our Friday Night Football Patrol series. Way to go Panthers on your 36-6 victory against the Cardinals! 298 PHS students signed our drug-free pledge, with the winner of our iPad being Jordan M. Congratulations!

Cesar Chavez High School - 09/30/2011

Cesar Chavez High School logo

169 students from Cesar Chavez High School stepped up to the plate last Friday to sign our drug-free pledge. The Champions lived up to their name, winning over the Millennium Tigers 37-30! Huge congratulations to CCHS and to the iPad winner Joevanah W.! We also would like to thank the MCAO Volunteers, 104.7 KISS FM and the great people of Southwest Gas!

Mountain Pointe High School - 10/06/2011

Mountain Pointe High School logo

Mountain Pointe High School definitely has something to be prideful of after last night’s 37-6 defeat against Corona Del Sol. Way to go Pride! MPHS pulled together 270 students to sign our drug-free pledge. Congrats to Samantha M. for being our 7th iPad winner!

We have three more games left in our FNFP series. Will Basha continue to be number one with the most drug-free pledges or is there a new school champ waiting to claim their victory? Stay tuned each week as we post pledge amounts from each school!

Corona del Sol High School - 10/14/2011

Corona Del Sol High School logo

It was fall break for most schools in the valley, but Corona Del Sol High School stilled managed to pull together a good-sized fan base for Friday’s football game. Great job CDS for signing a total of 238 drug-free pledges! Now THAT shows team spirit! Also, congrats to saxophone player Cristophe S. for winning this week’s iPad!

Saguaro High School - 10/21/2011

Saguaro High School logo

It was a very busy night on 10/21 in our 9th Friday Night Football Patrol event. We handed out the most Handy Helpful Handbooks to parents so far – totaling 600! The Saguaro Sabercats pounced on the Arcadia Titans, winning the game 70-35. Way to go SHS! The teens from Saguaro High signed a total of 384 drug-free pledges, bumping Chandler out of the number 3 spot in our challenge. Congratulations to Taylor C. for being this week’s iPad winner.

Mesquite High School - 10/28/2011

Mesquite High School logo

October 28th was our 10th game and final Friday Night Football Patrol event of the season. Mesquite High School represented themselves well with a total of 268 drug-free pledges signed by the students. Special shout out to Ms. Alder’s 3rd hour Student Council class for helping promote our program during lunches on Friday. These teens showed their school spirit and got their classmates pumped up by encouraging them to come to the game and sign our drug-free pledge. You guys ROCK! Congrats to Erica G. for being our lucky iPad winner.