Save Lives, Don't DUI

In Maricopa County we have seen more and more people opting to leave their keys at home and using their phones to get a ride to and from holiday festivities. Our community is embracing responsibility and has little tolerance for anyone willing to risk driving impaired, especially since getting a safe ride home is easier than ever.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office sees firsthand the devastation caused by impaired drivers far too often. That is why in 2015 the office created the “Save Lives, Don’t DUI” campaign as a way to raise awareness and provide incentive to anyone who may need the extra push to get a safe ride home.

The campaign joins the office with partners from the media like iHeart, and ride share companies like Lyft, to offer discounted rides during holiday celebration events and seasons. This includes the days surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the entire month of December into the beginning of the New Year.

With the incentive of the discounts and ease of the phone app, the campaign aims to convince those headed to a celebration to plan for their ride home before they even walk out the door. Revelers should never wait until they are impaired to the slightest degree to start making decisions about how to get home. Plus the discounted rides offered through the “Save Lives, Don’t DUI” campaign leave many riders with only a $5 to $10 charge, compared to the $5,000 to $10,000 they might spend on a DUI offense.

Yet, no matter the time of year, the true goal of the campaign partners is to keep the number of incidents caused by impaired drivers at ZERO.