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Check Enforcement Program Brochure (PDF)
Bad checks are on the rise across the United States as criminals find it faster and easier than other crimes. Learn more about our office’s Check Enforcement Program
Check Enforcement Guidebook (PDF)
This guidebook provides valuable information on reducing and eliminating losses due to bad checks. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office created specific procedures for merchants/individuals accepting checks to follow, minimizing exposure to bad checks and providing evidence against the check writer.
Child Abuse Brochure (PDF)
If you know of an abused or neglected child, please call the police immediately and review the information in this brochure to help keep the children of our community safe.
Citizens Academy Brochure (PDF)
An inside look at prosecuting crime and protecting the residents of Maricopa County.
Domestic Violence Brochure (PDF)
If you find yourself in an abusive situation, it is important to remember that abuse comes in many forms- physical, emotional, sexual and financial. It is important that you make plans now to keep your and your children safe.
Domestic Violence - Strangulation Brochure (PDF)
Domestic violence is the number one category of calls for service for police agencies in Maricopa County. Violence between spouses or partners that involves an allegation of strangulation is especially dangerous because it is frequently a precursor to future – and more serious – violence.
Felony Pretrial Intervention Program Brochure (PDF)
The Felony Pretrial Intervention Program is an alternative to traditional court prosecution. The main goal of the program is to reduce recidivism by requiring defendants to complete treatment programs that are targeted to their individual needs.
Gang Violence Brochure (PDF)
All gangs share one common characteristic: they use intimidation, force, and fear to control our neighborhoods and communities. This brochure details important information for victims of gang violence.
Handy Helpful Handbook - A Parent’s Guide to Drug Prevention (PDF)
This handbook will walk you through the often intimidating task of talking to your kids about drugs, no matter their age or grade.
» Español: Manual Práctico Y Útil (Una guia para los padres de Prevención Del Consume De Drogas)
Identity Theft Brochure (PDF)
Tips and information to keep your identity safe.
Investigations Recruitment Brochure (PDF)
Consider a fulfilling career as a detective with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.
Protecting Animals Brochure (PDF)
Laws and resources for keeping animals and people safe in Maricopa County.
Sex Offender Notification for Neighborhoods and Communities Brochure (PDF)
Some threats to the safety of our children and families are so severe as to require taking extraordinary steps to protect the innocent. Convicted sex offenders are one of those threats, and Arizona’s sex offender notification laws exist to provide a means of safeguarding the public.
Sexual Assault Brochure (PDF)
This guide is intended to help you understand why sex offenses must be reported and evidence obtained immediately in order to assure successful prosecution.
Strengthening Communities Brochure (PDF)
Free Services for Maricopa County Residents and Organizations.
Victim Compensation Brochure (PDF)
The Victim Compensation Bureau at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office exists to help victims and their families deal with the financial harm caused by crime. The Bureau can help when lost wages, insurance deductibles, mental health counseling, and medical bills threaten to further traumatize crime victims.
» Español: Compensación para Víctimas
Victim Rights Brochure (PDF)
The criminal justice system can be daunting, confusing and even stressful for crime victims. Fortunately, help is available from the Victim Services Division of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Our mission is to assist crime victims throughout the criminal justice process by providing advocacy, support and services.
» Español: Derechos de las Víctimas
Victims of Juvenile Offenses Brochure (PDF)
The juvenile justice system can be daunting, confusing and even stressful for victims of offenses committed by juveniles. Fortunately, help is available from the Victim Services Division of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Our mission is to assist crime victims throughout the criminal justice process by providing advocacy, support and services.
Victim Restitution Brochure (PDF)
By paying restitution as part of a criminal sentence, offenders face a constant and significant reminder of the damage they have caused to their victims. Victims, in turn, can begin to return to a normal life when they are reimbursed for the financial harm they have endured.


Public Records Requests (Webpage)
Request forms and charges for public records materials.
HIPAA Patient Authorization (PDF)
Patient Authorization to disclose protected health information to law enforcement agencies.
Request for Letter of Disposition (PDF)
Application for Crime Victim Compensation / Solicitud de compensación para víctimas de crímenes (PDF)
State of Arizona Criminal Justice Commission Crime Victims Compensation Program Application. (English / Español).
Victim Restitution Request Form (PDF)
If you suffered a financial loss as a result of the defendant’s conduct, a court may require the defendant to reimburse you.
» Español: Formulario de solicitud de restitución
Check Enforcement: Victim Information Form (PDF)
Check Enforcement: Submittal / Witness Form (PDF)
Check Enforcement: Demand for Payment / Notice Letter Guidelines (PDF)
Check Enforcement: Demand for Payment Form A (PDF)
Check Enforcement: Demand for Payment Form B (PDF)
RICO - Agency Application for RICO Funds and Supplement to Agency Application for RICO Funds (XLS/Excel)
RICO - Authorized Agency Signature Form (PDF)
RICO - Individual Quarterly Report Instructions (PDF)
RICO - Reporting Form Individual (XLS/Excel)
RICO Definitions (PDF)
Complete list of RICO definitions for the Application and Supplement.
Victim Services Division Volunteer/Intern Application (PDF)
This form is designed for individuals who are interested in volunteering or interning with the Victim Services Division.