Court Information & Maps

For victims visiting the Maricopa County Attorney's Office Victim Services Division downtown office, or testifying in Maricopa County Superior Court, a map is located below of the downtown Phoenix area.

Parking is available at 6th Avenue and Jefferson. The Superior Court is located between 1st and 3rd Avenues on Jefferson, and the County Attorney's Office is located at 225 West Madison Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Early Disposition Court (EDC)/ Regional Court Center (RCC)

The Regional Court Center (RCC) has merged with the Early Disposition Court (EDC). Cases heard in the EDC resolve quickly in an effort to expedite a resolution. During this process, Status Conferences are scheduled a few days in advance of the Preliminary Hearing to facilitate communication between the parties and provide an opportunity for plea agreement negotiations. Under Arizona law, victims are entitled to confer with the prosecution regarding a plea agreement upon request. Arizona laws surrounding Victim Rights

Restitution is also considered at this time. When a defendant pleads or is found guilty of a crime, victims are entitled to restitution for the actual damages caused during the commission of a crime. A victim requesting restitution should gather supporting documentation of losses sustained from the crime and submit these documents to the Victim Services Division. Download the Restitution Request Form (PDF)

Maricopa County Attorney's Office Headquarters

Administrative Office Parking (6th Avenue & Jefferson)

MCAO Juvenile Durango Office

Superior Court South Court Tower

Superior Court