Investigations Division

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Investigations Division is comprised of sworn and civilian positions that support the prosecutorial efforts of the Maricopa County Attorney. The Investigations Division is divided into six Bureaus, each of which is commanded by a sworn Lieutenant or civilian Bureau Chief who report to the Investigations Division Commander or Chief. Each of the six Bureaus performs specific law enforcement related or investigative support functions for the Office.

Professional Standards Bureau (PSB)

The PSB is responsible for the investigation of internal and external complaints against all employees of the MCAO. These investigations are conducted in accordance with MCAO policies and procedures, and in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. In addition, members of PSB are responsible for conducting all pre-employment background investigations for MCAO. PSB oversees the Administrative Detective assignment, which handles all walk-in traffic to MCAO during normal work hours.

Violent Crimes Bureau (VCB)

VCB is responsible for mitigation assignments from MCAO’s Capital Attorneys, as well as follow up investigations for Family Violence and Sex Crimes Deputy County Attorneys. Three cold case detectives work in partnership with cold case prosecutors to resolve outstanding cold cases across Maricopa County. One detective is assigned to Asset Forfeiture investigations and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. There is one grant-funded detective assigned to the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative project to identify offenders.

Support and Administrative Services Bureau (SASB)

SASB provides support to all Bureaus within the Division and coordinates with MCAO HR on recruitment and selection of Division personnel. SASB is responsible for Division training and the Training Advisory Committee to ensure ongoing compliance with Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training (AZPOST) standards. SASB also facilitates the service of subpoenas to hospital and medical personnel for courtroom testimony. SASB’s Bureau Chief is responsible for the oversight of Division projects, which includes coordination with internal and external partners.

Special Crimes Bureau (SCB)

SCB handles security and threat assessments  for the MCAO and majority of original investigations. The SCB also coordinates technical investigations and surveillance.

Task Force Participation

The Investigations Division Commander oversees the Division’s involvement and participation in task forces. MCAO detectives are assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Offender Task Force, the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Community Based Investigations Bureau (CBIB) - East and West

These two bureaus are responsible for Investigations’ role in the implementation of Information Focused Prosecution. CBIB is also responsible for victim and witness location and ensuring legal process is served to support assigned MCAO prosecutors. One detective coordinates investigations for the MCAO Check Enforcement Program.

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Complaint Procedures (Investigations Division)

If you have a complaint against the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Investigations Division or one or more of its detectives, please call (602) 506-3844 and ask to speak to a supervisor.