Programs & Services

Victim Advocates

Highly trained and experienced professionals who assist victims and families involved in cases that are currently in the criminal justice system. In addition to providing important emotional support, victim advocates assist with social service needs, serve as a liaison with the prosecutor handling the case and provide case related information/updates or criminal justice related information.

Victim Advocates

Court Advocate Program

The Court Advocate Program consists of experienced advocates who provide services to unaccompanied victims attending criminal justice related hearings and meetings. These advocates respond to all courts, including adult and juvenile courts and the Maricopa County Justice Courts and provide victims with case and victims’ rights information, emotional support and referrals.

K9 Victim Support Program (VSP)

Two level-III certified facility dogs specially trained to provide one-of-a-kind care and comfort to child and adult victims before, during and after trial.

Meet the K9 VSP Team

Sam, Tori, and Elle, the K9 Victim Support dogs.

Restitution Program

Crime victims have a constitutional right to receive prompt restitution for economic loss caused by a defendant. A dedicated Restitution Advocate and our Restitution Specialists work on complex restitution matters to assist victims of crime in asserting their right to restitution.

Victim Services Overview Presentation

You can request an overview presentation about the services we offer to victims of crime by completing our Community Education Presentation Request Form.

For more information on any of these services and programs, contact Victim Services by submitting our Contact Form or by phone at 602-506-8522.

Speakers Bureau

Kids in Court

A support program to help children and their parents or guardians prepare for court and cope with the anxiety associated with a criminal trial proceeding.

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Kids in Court