Repeat Offender Program

The Repeat Offender Program (ROP) is designed to address the reality that roughly 10% of the criminals commit 90% of the crimes. As law enforcement agencies make strides in getting repeat offenders off the streets, the County Attorney's team of ROP attorneys and their staff ensure that these offenders stay off the streets.

Repeat offender policies of the County Attorney's Office are far stricter than those faced by first time offenders and typically present defendants with a choice of pleading to the most serious charge or taking their chances at trial. Because of the danger they pose, repeat offenders are generally ineligible for diversion programs or probation. These offenders are typically sentenced for substantial lengths of time in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

ROP attorneys and staff cooperate closely with multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the valley in pursuing and prosecuting repeat offenders for crimes ranging from armed robbery and aggravated assault to shoplifting and misconduct involving weapons.