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    Welcome to the official website of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO), serving nearly four million residents in Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in the United States.

    Our office is responsible for the prosecution of more than 35,000 felony criminal cases each year. Our top priorities are to hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit, and to ensure that the rights of crime victims are honored and respected throughout the criminal justice process.

September 2019

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  1. Jarre Edward Bjelic Sentenced to 4.5 Years for Threatening Young Girls to Get Nude Photos of Them

    Jarre Edward Bjelic was sentenced to 4.5 years in the Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to 3 counts of Theft by Extortion and 1 count of Attempted Fraud Schemes. Once release from the DOC he will be placed on supervised probation for 3 years Read more...
  2. Jorge Acosta Sentenced to 40 Years for Breaking Into Home and Terrorizing Family

    Jorge Acosta was recently sentenced to 40 years in the Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to 2nd Degree Murder, Burglary and two counts of Aggravated Assault for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and shooting her and killing her mother. Read more...
  3. Deandre James Sentenced to 354 Years for Child Prostitution

    Deandre James was sentenced today to 354 years in the Department of Corrections after being found guilty on all 19 counts including; 14 counts of Child Prostitution, two counts of Sexual Conduct with a Minor, and one count of Child Sex Trafficking. Read more...
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